Metal spring domestic market demand analysis
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Commodity industry and metal industry, including lighters, toys, locks, hinges, fitness, mattresses, sofas and so on, in terms of quantity, the greatest demand for the metal spring, tens of billions of parts, technology not ask for much, the price very low, generally scattered throughout the country by the small spring plant, they have unique advantages in terms of cost, big spring plant is difficult to compete with them. According to the Secretary-General of the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Luo Baihui survey, in recent years, the domestic market for household hardware products demand, driven by the growth of ancillary spring, which spring from time to time lead to a new business was born, in the future, the market demand will at a speed of 7% to 10% annual growth. After China joined the WTO, household hardware products exports grew significantly, along with the demand pull metal spring, but by the international market demand, the impact of trade barriers, the international market has its uncertain side.

After years of development, the current domestic metal spring either grade or quality has been a qualitative change, but with the economic development, especially the rapid development of the automotive, power generation, rail transport and urban public transport and other major industries, at a spring industry has brought a huge market, but also presents another "problem." In the past, these "problems" in front of the domestic enterprises can only hope "difficult" Health sigh. But after years of effort, when the spring industry mastered the advanced technology of the time, materials and equipment problems are becoming increasingly prominent, resulting in some of the metal spring, the company had to import expensive, therefore, raw materials, production and testing equipment industry as a constraint of spring bottlenecks development. Even after years of efforts metallurgical industry and equipment manufacturing industry, these problems have been eased, but is still far from meeting the demand of the spring industry, especially in some high-end raw materials, in order to solve this problem, in recent years focused on the development of the association with this related businesses, and to make these enterprises as the Association of the governing unit, involved in spring industry market research, product development, quality assurance and a series of activities, simultaneous development and improvement.

Development of the spring industry today, has grown from past price wars, service competition gradually entered into the competition of the industrial chain, and industrial chain is to rely on a standardized means to complete. Although the industry standard system more perfect, but because of the earlier formulation, and now has a considerable distance to market demand, many of the standard in today's often just a "name interpretation", particularly with Japan, Europe, the United States and other developed countries Compared to the existing national standards and industry standards is still relatively low, leading domestic spring products in the international market less competitive, and therefore, the introduction of international standards and become the new industry standard as quickly as possible consistent with the voice of the delegates.



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