Future market of China Spring
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Hardware accessories spring industry in the manufacturing sector which is a small industry, but its role is absolutely not to be underestimated, the country's industrial manufacturing, automotive industry to accelerate the development, and as basic parts, parts one spring industry the more need there is a super pre-development, in order to adapt to the rapid development of the country throughout the industry.

Chinese spring industry currently has a spring-scale professional production enterprises with more than 700 set up 10 professional spring Institute. Entire spring industry practitioners has reached 80,000 people, spring industry products are 21 categories, more than 1600 kinds of species, the annual output of about 4 billion.

For the spring industry, it has long formed a common spring oversupply of low-grade, high-end products in short supply in the passive situation. At stimulating investment and development of agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, general machinery, environmental protection machinery, automobile and other hosting industry, the spring production will increase. The most important is the structure of the spring products will change the proportion of high-tech products will greatly increase the number of varieties of export products will also have a certain degree of increase. Thus, in the next few years, China's spring market will maintain a more ideal growth.


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